Changing labor markets and advances in technology have revolutionized how businesses find talent and jobseekers look for work. This development makes it imperative for the public workforce system to continuously adapt and reframe reemployment strategies and policies.

The purpose of the Reemployment Connections Community on WorkforceGPS is to help state workforce agencies and the public workforce system adapt to the changes in how job seekers and employers connect.  More specifically, the Reemployment Connections Community provides state policymakers and other stakeholders with promising practices, behavioral insights, reemployment tools, and resources for Unemployment Insurance (UI) work search requirements that states may elect to adopt.

In using the site, the state workforce agencies and the public workforce system will be even better positioned to:

  • Provide job seekers a more modern and effective roadmap for conducting their work search;
  • Learn about new and innovative reemployment strategies and see those strategies in action through State and Local Service Delivery examples; and
  • Maintain UI program integrity by ensuring UI claimants meet their responsibilities to actively seek work.