These resources are related to evidence-based guidance and tools to help states understand evaluation designs and tools to meet RESEA evaluation requirements.

Resources & Guidance

  • FY 2020 RESEA State Plan Plain Language Tool: This tool supports states in completing and updating the evidence-based standards and evaluation requirements (elements 28a-28d) of their FY 2020 RESEA state plan.
  • RESEA Evaluation Resource List: This list of websites, studies, and tools might help RESEA program administrators and staff understand, use, produce evidence about their interventions.
  • TEGL 06-19 and UIPL 01-20: Expectations for States Implementing the RESEA Program Requirements for Conducting Evaluations and Building Program Evidence.
  • RESEA: Overview of Evaluation and Evidence Requirements: This webinar's an overview of guidance and expectations regarding implementation of the RESEA Program's evaluation and evidence requirements.
  • RESEA Evaluation Toolkit: This toolkit provides a basic overview of evaluation elements for program management purposes. It also provides information about other generally accepted and available evaluation resources that may be useful for state RESEA programs.
  • CLEAR Casual Evidence Ratings Plain Language Tool: This tool supports states in their understanding and use of the Department’s Clearinghouse for Labor Evaluation and Research (CLEAR) to inform RESEA program design.
  • RESEA Evaluations FAQs: This tool contains responses to frequently asked evaluation related questions of a technical nature.
  • Sample Evaluation Requests for Proposals (RFPs): This page provides an inventory of state RFPs that were used to help identify and select evaluators to support RESEA evidence-based requirements. ETA was not involved in the development of these RFPs and is providing this inventory as a peer sharing resource.

Webinars & Webcasts

Below is a partial list of recent webinars and webcasts, a full list webinars and related technical assistance is available in the “RESEA Evaluation Resource List