These RESEA promising practices surround a number of topic areas, mostly focused on service delivery of the RESEA program. The RESEA funds connect participants with in-person assessments and reemployment services  through local American Job Centers. Service delivery activities may include developing an individual reemployment plan, providing labor market information, identifying job skills and prospects, and reviewing claimant’s continued UI benefit eligibility.
  • AJC scenario depicting RESEA service delivery over the course of several in-person meetings.  The scenario demonstrates and identified several resources the can be leveraged to support RESEA services. 
  • My Reemployment Plan - States are also strongly encouraged to promote the use of the My Reemployment Plan tool developed, in part, to fulfill the individual reemployment plan requirement.  TEN 18-16: Pathways to Reemployment Tools and Resources provides additional information about the My Reemployment Plan and related tools and resources.  A PDF version of the My Reemployment Plan and related introductory videos are available on the  Reemployment Connections CoP. An interactive, online version of the My Reemployment Plan was launched in May 2019.  The electronic My Reemployment Plan is available for states to download and customize through the NASWA Information Technology Support Center (ITSC).
  • DOL Behavioral Interventions Project Brief: Encouragement Emails Increase Participation in Reemployment Services - This brief presents initial findings on the effects of an intervention designed to encourage UI claimants to participate in their state’s REA pilot program and persist in their job search.
  • UT Review of Economic Studies Orientation/Assessment Eligibility Review System Overview - Utah was an early pioneer in looking at ways to integrate IT to support the public workforce system's mission of rapid reemployment by targeting integration and improvement of its worker profiling process to promote data sharing and the use of timely labor market information to support UI claimants' job search. This presentation provides a detailed look at the resources and steps that Utah used to drive this initiative as well as benefits and lessons learned along the way.
  • Using the Clearinghouse for Labor Evaluation and Research (CLEAR)  A Demonstration. This demonstration of CLEAR explains how it reviews and rates evidence, how to navigate the site, and how states can use it to find relevant evidence of effective interventions. 
  • The RESEA Report to Congress on promising reemployment assistance interventions was developed in response to RESEA statutory requirements and was transmitted to Congress on April 30, 2021. The report provides information about promising interventions that have been identified to date; an inventory of potentially promising interventions that require further study; an outline of recent findings from the Department’s impact evaluation of the REA program that are being used to inform current RESEA activities; and an overview of ongoing efforts by ETA and states to identify, develop, and evaluate other potentially promising interventions.