In 1993, Congress enacted Public law 103-152, which amended the Social Security Act, by requiring states to establish a system of profiling new Unemployment Insurance (UI)  claimants that:
  • Identifies which claimants are likely to exhaust UI benefits and, therefore, need job search assistance to successfully transition to new employment.
  • Refers such claimants to reemployment services in a timely manner.
  • Collects follow-up information relating to reemployment services received by such claimants and their employment outcomes subsequent to receiving such services.

The law also requires claimants referred to reemployment services to participate in those services as a condition of eligibility for UI unless the claimants has already completed services or has “justifiable cause” for not participating.

Following is a resource bibliography which provides a comprehensive list of the resources available to state analysts who are active in building, maintaining or running their states profiling models: