The NASWA Workforce IT Support Center helps workforce-education system program partners as they work collaboratively to implement cost-effective, customer-centered, program-led strategies and solutions in the digital age. 

Find out more about and register for available learning opportunities designed for busy workforce development professionals like you, by visiting the Workforce Academy. Courses are available on-demand and through scheduled virtual instructor-led learning events. 

New: Masterclass Series!

Participate in the Transformation in the Digital Age Masterclass Series to help you lead your organization through a changing and increasingly digital world. The series is designed for workforce and education system leaders and catalysts to be:

  • INSPIRED through Voices of the System: Hear system stakeholders share insights about the imperative and vision for digital transformation
  • PREPARED by completing a Quick-Start Action Tool: Identify strengths, gaps, and recommended resources and create your own transformation roadmap
  • ENGAGED with Live Learning Events: Meet virtually with world-class instructors and peers to build your capacity for transformation in the digital age

Registration for the first masterclass learning event is OPEN! It is limited and provided at no-cost to public servants. This virtual instructor-led learning event is intended for mid through executive management personnel and anyone else who has a role in making decisions and affecting change within public workforce-education systems. You are encouraged to register and invite other leaders within your organization and partner organizations to register as well.

Registration for this event will close on March 17, 2022, at 8PM ET.

Register Now | Setting the Stage for Transformation | March 22 and March 24, 2022

Join workforce system veteran Rick Maher for two afternoons as he shares his model for organizational agility.  This virtual instructor-led program helps leaders, and individuals within their organizations, develop from the mindset necessary to become more agile and resilient in the digital age. Learners leave with new insights about their strengths and areas for development as well as the importance of people, process, and systems change required to meet the evolving needs and realities of customers. 

Instruction consists of two 2.5-hour virtual sessions that include: lecture, facilitated group discussion, online assessment, and a capstone activity. 

Connect with Workforce ITSC at for requests or more information about the Center.